Beehive Yourself

Modern beehives are a buzzin’. They’re probably one of the few ‘dos we have in common with mom and grandma – just ask them to show you their high school yearbook! Back then, it was all about “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Funnygirl.”

Here’s how to achieve that bee-utiful height! First, bee sure:

  • Your hair is dry and combed out – straight is best here.
  • You have mirrors that will help you to see what you are doing from all angles.
  • You have four clips to separate your locks whilst you work.
  • You have a roller set – electric or Velcro.
  • You have lots of bobby pins nearby.
  • If you have an accessory in mind such as a headband or tiara, make sure it’s only an arm’s length away before you begin.
  • Tara’s Shining Moment Glosser is on hand.

Ready? Get started:

  1. Comb or brush through your dry hair.
  2. Section hair into four parts: top, back, and at either side.
  3. Start with heated or Velcro rollers depending on the length of your hair (best if hair is mid-length or longer to use medium size rollers).
  4. Spray on Shining Moment Glosser first and then use hair spray on each section.
  5. Your entire head should be in rollers. Organize them like you would a stack of bricks.
  6. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes, and then remove.
  7. Backcomb the sections on the top and side.
  8. Smooth over this section of hair after backcombing and create the shape.
  9. Pin this section into place to secure the beehive.
  10. You can either leave the rest of your hair to hang loose naturally or you can sweep up into a pony or pleat and pin with bobby pins.
  11. Spray with hairspray to fix and finish with Shining Moment Glosser.

Get the Look

Tara Smith Haircare Shining Moment Glosser Spray