Meet Tara

Tara Smith is the founder and creator of Tara Smith Haircare. As one of the most respected award winning international Celebrity Hairstylists in the industry, Tara develops natural, vegan-friendly haircare with the help of the many film stars she styles. Her products are borne of a genuine belief that amazing, healthy hair is within everyone’s reach.

A Note from Tara:

Hair is a part of my DNA. As a third-generation stylist, I grew up surrounded by the trade. I understand what it means to a person to have beautiful, healthy hair. When your hair’s gorgeous, you feel gorgeous – inside and out.

I test my products on my film star circle and the celebrities I’m lucky enough to style every day – so you know they’re safe and guaranteed to give your hair the nourishment it needs to be beautiful.


The hair is a plant that needs to be fed, brought to its ultimate level of health with regular hydration and the purest nutrients. Tara has a passion for natural, organic, non-toxic ingredients free of harsh chemicals and a fierce commitment to ethical vegan standards, eliminating animal cruelty, and reducing negative environmental impact. These beliefs combined are the driving force behind Tara Smith Haircare.

Tara’s product line is thoughtfully crafted to cater to every hair type, every health condition, and all kinds of treated hair – colored, chemically straightened, and even hair that includes extensions.

What’s with the birds?

The answer is simple: their feathers, textures, colors, styles, richness, shine, and uniqueness make these gorgeous creatures the perfect ambassadors for Tara’s earth-friendly, vegan haircare range.

Meet the Birds


In addition to ensuring all of her products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, Tara supports many charitable causes – it’s all part of her mission to be good. Tara is a Goodwill Ambassador for Shine On Sierra Leone and is devoted to changing struggling communities into thriving, sustainable regions.

Tara’s Causes


Tara’s Filmography

Tara’s been lucky enough to have styled some of the brightest stars in Hollywood and beyond, designing unique looks to suit every hair type and character. You may have spotted her work in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof and Grindhouse features, and blockbuster Freaky Friday, to name a few. Tara has also been personal stylist on-set to Demi Moore for multiple films. Check out all of her film credits at IMDb!