Meet the Birds

Tara Smith Haircare products are not tested on birds – or any other animal, for that matter. The vibrant color, texture, and unique style of each bird are what make them gorgeous – and perfectly suited to represent Tara’s range of natural haircare products. Keep reading to learn why she chose each of them and find the one that's most like you!

Palm Cockatoo

The Palm Cockatoo is a rock star. His mohawk is wicked, sleek, and strong. His black feathers cascade and shine — that’s how he became the 'face' of my Shine On set.

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Shine On Shampoo
Shine On Conditioner

Southern Crowned Pigeon

I had such a laugh choosing this bird. I thought of all the people like me with this wild curly hair and what it looks like sometimes (especially when we wake up in the morning). This very special pigeon would look outstanding after a Working Curls treatment!

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Working Curls Shampoo
Working Curls Conditioner

Red-Fronted Macaw

Macaws love to chat, and their feathers look so thick, healthy, and lush. Of course he’s the bird-ification of Feed the Root!

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Feed the Root Shampoo
Feed the Root Conditioner

Grey Crowned Crane

Beautiful colors, long neck, and so delicate – this crane really represents the Gorgeously Gentle products best, because they’re meant for hair that needs a pick-me-up.

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Gorgeously Gentle Shampoo
Gorgeously Gentle Conditioner

Galah Bird

The cheekiest of all the birds – this very special chick brings beautiful texture and a feminine, bold pink to the Base Coat Serum. She’s the very picture of bubbly, good, and gorgeous!

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Base Coat Serum


This cockatoo knows how good she looks. There’s nothing left to say!

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Shining Moment Glosser

Crested Wood Partridge

Fantastic colors, striking feathers, and major height with that ‘do. This guy is a badass – and undeniably looks like he’s been using my Rock On Hard Gel.

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Rock On Hard Gel

Indian Peafowl

Brilliantly bright colors and sky high volume worn with pride – the Indian peafowl exemplifies bold, outgoing, and attention-grabbing.

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Brilliant Thickening Cream