Next Day Hair

Oh, how we love Next Day Hair– walking the line between just-rolled-out-of-bed and effortlessly stunning. Master the art with tips from Tara.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sectioning clips
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Brush – medium-sized ceramic style with a round barrel vent
  • Curling iron – medium-barrel
  • Hairdryer: Try to choose one that is lightweight and features tourmaline to add shine and eliminate static
  • Tara’s Base Coat Serum
  • Tara’s Shining Moment Glosser

Next Day Hair – Approach 1

  1. Prep day old hair by spraying Shining Moment Glosser all over to revive, refresh, and add shine.
  2. Using sectioning clips, divide hair into five parts — top, both sides, and two length-wise from crown to nape.
  3. Taking one section at a time, but saving the top section for last, wrap hair from middle to tips around a medium-sized curling iron or simply blow-dry with a ceramic medium-sized round barrel vent brush.
  4. Once you reach the top section, mark your part — center, side, or etc. — and continue to style hair.
  5. After you’ve completed your entire head, run your fingers through and shake to loosen. Pull on ends to achieve a textured look.
  6. Finish with Shining Moment Glosser to seal in style.

Next Day Hair – Approach 2 (Low Maintenance)

  1. Cleanse and condition hair the night before.
  2. Make sure to comb the conditioner through your hair with a wide-tooth comb.
  3. Using a towel, squeeze water out so the hair is damp.
  4. Next, gently work two to three pumps of Base Coat Serum into your hair from mid-length to ends.
  5. Twist your hair into a loose and high bun and blast with a blow dryer until the hair is 90% dry.
  6. Get a good night’s sleep. (Silk pillowcases are great – they seem to always keep your hair in place.)
  7. The following day, take hair down gently, shake, and then spray with Shining Moment Glosser.

Voila! Sexy, scrumptious Next Day Hair!

Get the Look

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