Causes We Support

Tara Smith Haircare was founded with the belief that anyone can be beautiful, be healthy, and be good. Part of being good is doing good. Please check out some of the great causes we support.

“There are so many incredible organizations doing incredible work. The people behind them, their commitments, sacrifices, and heart – it really just floors me.”

Shine on Sierra Leone

Shine on Sierra Leone is a wonderful and cutting-edge organization that is helping to rehabilitate Sierra Leone on all levels. Their emphasis is on education, sustainable building, maternal healthcare, and adult computer and literacy programs. Tara is the organization’s Goodwill Ambassador.

Operation USA

Operation USA is a global organization that works to restore basic needs and infrastructure and above all, brings hope for the future in the most unimaginable situations. Privately-funded, supports grassroots organizations, be it leadership, education, sustainable living, healthcare — you name it.

V Day

Committed to stopping violence against women, V Day organizes performances, fundraisers, books, plays, activism, documentaries, and many other creative and impactful ways to raise money, visibility and nurture a growing community. The organization has created an influential and powerful movement that supports women and children impacted by crimes and injustice around the world.

The Wayuu Taya Foundation

For nearly ten years, supermodel, actress, activist, and Tara Smith supporter Patricia Velasquez has been passionately dedicated to this organization. The Wayuu Taya Foundation Supports an indigenous group of over 450,000 people located in the Guajira Peninsula of northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela. The Foundation works in communities where child mortality numbers are chilling, poverty is extreme, malnourishment is commonplace, and education is desperately needed.

Voto Latino

Rosario Dawson, Tara Smith Haircare endorser, co-founded Voto Latino in 2004 to galvanize and empower American Latinos to promote a stronger America. She and her team travel and work tirelessly to promote pride, education, and volunteerism, and communicate how effective American Latinos can be in creating positive change if they work together.

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

This incredible non-profit coalition is dedicated to eliminating chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, and other health problems in cosmetics and personal care products. They aim to protect both consumers and workers. The organization lobbies tirelessly to spark corporate, regulatory, and legislative reforms within the industry.

Farm Sanctuary

A very special farm animal protection organization with sanctuaries in New York and California that work tirelessly to educate the public, galvanize the media, protect cruelty to farm animals, and fight for voiceless animals everywhere be it factory farming, one off cases of abuse, neglect, and endless rescue operations across the United States.