The Halo Effect

Get this timeless look that knows no boundaries, from beach to work to a never-forget-event. The Halo Effect is as elegant as it is bohemian and has always been a favorite of Tara’s (and her many clients). Give it a try – you’ll love it!

  1. Brush your hair through with a paddle brush.
  2. Start the braid off on one side of the forehead, by taking 3 sections of hair, no more than 1 inch each and absolutely do not go any further than one inch from your forehead.
  3. Begin your braid, intertwining one piece of hair over the other, each time adding a small section of hair to each of the three pieces.
  4. Continue this process around your entire head.
  5. Spray a little Shining Moment Glosser on your fingertips and apply to hair to keep any strays in place.
  6. Once you have gone around your head and completed the braid, you may need pins secure the braid. Try to match your pins with your hair color to camouflage them.
  7. The more relaxed The Halo Effect looks, the better. Achieve this by using a backcombing brush in the opposite direction. This will make it look like there are some looser pieces for a softer, relaxed effect.

Get the Look

Tara Smith Haircare Shining Moment Glosser Spray